What is Islamic Universality?

Ismaili Gnostic:

“Islamic Universality” is a new blog which was created at the exact same time as Ismā‘īlī Gnosis. The blog’s first post – also emphasing the universality of the gnosis of tawḥīd – is featured here.

Originally posted on islamicuniversality:

To answer this question as far as this blog is concerned, I will firstly try to define what “Islamic” and “Universality” mean to me within a Quranic worldview, and then proceed.

“Islam” means both ‘peace’ and ‘submission’ in Arabic and and also designates the ‘religion’ of all the Prophets in general and the final religion sent to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in particular who appears at the historical end of a whole chain (silsila) of plenary Prophecy. The Quran, which is the ‘Word of God’ revealed piece-wise in Scriptural form to the Prophet Muhammad (saw), utilizes all these definitions in appropriating ‘islam’ in various contexts within the Quran. That which is ‘islamic’, then is anything which is related to a state or condition of spiritual peace and  spiritual submission before its Creator which is predicated both in an ontological sense and through a mode of Prophetic or Revealed guidance, wisdom and/or inspiration.  That which is “universal” pertains…

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