TIME: Physical Time & Spiritual Time

What is Time? We explain the difference between Physical Time (zaman) and Spiritual Time (‘asr) in a new article hosted by Ismailimail.


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There are two levels of time: Physical Time called Zaman and Spiritual Time called ‘Asr. This is why Mawlana Hazar Imam is Sahib al-Zaman wa’l-‘Asr, meaning, “Master of Physical Time and Spiritual Time.”

Spiritual Time is the desire, experience, and spiritual motion of the Universal Soul and its particular souls towards attaining self-perfection at the rank of the Universal Intellect. Spiritual time, the life of the Soul, is the cause of the existence of the physical world of bodies. The mental “time” that a human beings experience when deep in thought, in dreams, in the moments of sheer happiness and spiritual contemplation, in near death experiences, is spiritual time. The evolution of the human soul from imperfection to the perfection of all virtues and the recognition of God is “spiritual time.”

Physical time is the motion of physical bodies and it’s existence depends on physical bodies. The perception of physical time is only…

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